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Pastors Ezequiel & Carolyn Pecina

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Join us in a 40 day devotion learning financial biblical principles to know God's way of managing finances so we can be a blessing to others!

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What is the capital campaign?

Beyond building buildings, we want To BRING people to know Christ, BUILD and EQUIP them to model Christ and SEND them to do the WORK of ministry. Giving allows us to see God as our Provider and allows us to overcome financial fears. Giving also allows us to bring order to our lives which allows us to fight the dragon of materialism. Finally, giving allows us to live a life filled with joy.

Will the amount of our pledges be confidential?

Yes. Only our church administration staff and the certain members of the capital stewardship campaign team will have access to information about the amount of individual pledges.  All capital stewardship campaign team members have signed a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement.

How can I make my commitment?

Commitment cards are available in the New Life Temple sanctuary. Complete a card and drop it in the offering basket or send to the New Life Temple office at 2442 Old Anson Rd. Abilene TX. 79603

Why are you encouraging the use of offering envelopes?

This is being done for record-keeping purposes. This will insure that offerings intended for the capital campaign will be credited to the campaign, rather than for the general fund. If you don't use an envelope, then you need to specify on your check that your offering is for the capital campaign.

Why shouldn't I just divert some of my regular giving to meet my capital campaign pledge?

We knew we would be asking for sacrificial giving for the capital campaign. If the general fund offerings decline, we may have to make cuts to key ministries.

Why do we need a capital campaign?

Many reasons: Because we want to ensure that the congregation is supportive of this project before we start.  Because we want to minimize any borrowing the church needs to do, because we want to show any bank we do borrow from that the congregation supports the project.  Most importantly, we want to give the people in our congregation the wonderful opportunity to step out in faith and see what a wonderful and loving God we serve!

Is it important that I turn in a commitment card?

Yes.  Making a commitment to the Lord is one of the most Biblical things you can do.  Our willingness to make a commitment will strengthen us spiritually, it will encourage others, and it will help our church leaders make wise decisions concerning the building program.

How can I determine what my commitment should be?

We ask that you prayerfully seek God’s guidance in what your commitment should be.  Please remember the principle of sacrificial giving as detailed in the Bible when considering your pledge.  God is faithful to those who step in faith.  

Will I be asked to make my commitment publicly?

No, your commitment is confidential, and it is not necessary for you to share it publicly.  Only a select few people on our Finance Committee will know what you pledged.  These people understand the need for confidentiality in these matters.  

What if we do not meet the goal of the campaign?

First, we must all have faith that this won’t happen.  But if it does, we will consider other ways to phase the project or - as a last resort - scale back the plans.  We may also decide to wait on God to provide funds that will allow us to proceed.

Are payments to the campaign deductible from income tax?

Our church is a registered charitable organization under the regulation of the Internal Revenue service Department, Section 501 (c) (3)  Internal Revenue Code of 1954.  Your gift has the effect of reducing your taxable income, and consequently, reducing the amount of taxes payable to the IRS.

Who is directing the campaign?

The capital campaign is being directed by a Capital Campaign Committee, under the leadership of Ruben Escalona and David Fuentes. Ruben and David are being advised by our pastor, the Administrative Board and the Building Committee.

Why do we need to build these new facilities?

To give us space to meet current and future needs, to make the facilities more attractive to newcomers, to make our people more comfortable, to give us the kind of facilities we need to do the kind of ministry the church wants to do.

Is there a possibility for church members to put in “sweat equity” in painting or other areas?

Yes.  You will hear about sweat equity opportunities as we get closer to construction.  If you have a particular skill please talk to our Building Committee Chair.  In addition, after we hire a general contractor we will be exploring donations of materials and services towards the project.  We expect we will be able to save a considerable amount of money through donations.  

Are we growing?

Yes.  andwe expect to continue to grow.    These new facilities will help our church attract, minister to and retain some of the people moving into the area.  

Can commitments be changed if necessary?

Once we receive all pledges, the church will be counting on receiving the money to meet the needs of the building project.  Therefore we strongly recommend that once your pledge is made, you do everything you can to meet the pledge.  However, we do realize that “things happen” that are not always foreseeable right now.  So, if you need to change your pledge you can do so.  Just call the church office so we can adjust our spending accordingly.

What will happen to the money I give to the capital campaign?

The money will be accounted for separately from normal church income.  The Building Committee and Administrative Board will manage this money for different parts of the construction process.

What if we raise more money than the project costs?

Then we will praise God for His faithfulness and put the extra into retiring existing debt.